Trends Digital Marketing Agencies Should Adopt in 2023

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How time flies this year, it feels like the year 2022 just started, yet here we are already nearing the end of 2022. And this means a new set of challenges and trends to tackling on by digital marketing agencies.

Once the curtain falls on 2022, we will be welcoming the year 2023. It is exciting to think about what’s to come with it; what new high-tech gadget will hit the shelf? What new song will go viral and get stuck in everyone’s mind? Or what new digital marketing strategies will appear and become a trend?

Well, though the fundamentals of digital marketing likely won’t change much, there are however a few trends you should adopt in 2023.

Why Should You Adopt These Trends

The digital landscape and its industry are already constantly evolving, and with the coming of a new year, there’ll be even more changes. Whatever is relevant this year, may not be relevant next year. That is digital marketing agencies and even small businesses owner need to know and have a firm grasp on the changes. 

We have prepared a list of trends that are predicted to make a splash next year for you to review. 

User-Generated Content

Both the Internet and social media are modern word-of-mouth marketing, the two channels have become not only a place to communicate and look for information but also a place for people to share their thoughts and review products they recently consumed or used. 

That is why you should start embracing more user-generated content. You can encourage users to generate content about your products or services by building a relationship with them by interacting with them frequently, especially when you receive a direct message, request, or complaint. When addressing them, you are already on the path of building a relationship with your customers. 

Once you have solved or can fulfil their requests, you can subtly encourage them to share or provide feedback on your services, or products on their social media accounts. Unlike traditional word-to-mouth marketing; when your customer shares their experience using your products or services on their social media, there is a chance and potential for it to reach millions of other users worldwide.

Conversational and Interactive Marketing

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Good load speed, responsiveness and user-friendly user interface are the three things that will make visitors stay longer and return to your website. When a visitor lands on your website with an inquiry in their mind, they will want to immediately look for a way to get in touch with you. So, having a small section dedicated to a CTA button or a chatbox that allows them to send inquiries and contact you will help you to win your customers’ favour. 

In addition to that, whenever a visitor lands on your website with an inquiry they will likely want a fast response from you; whether it’s from live chats or personalised emails. Because the longer they have to wait for a response, the more likely the bounce rate to increase. The latter also applies when your website has a slow load speed or response time, when they have to wait for more than a full minute for your website to load or respond, the chances for them to close your website window are higher. Thus, increasing your website bounce rate.

Interactive Features

It is no news that everyone likes websites that have interactive features. Besides adding some fun and colours to a website’s user experience, interactive features are also handy to have. For example, if your website is about planning for retirement savings; having an on-site calculator to help your visitors to calculate how much savings they will have saved up once they reach retirement age is helpful.

 This will encourage them to subscribe to your services because they are now convinced that with your help, the calculated amount for their retirement savings can be achieved.

When the contents of your website show that you aim to help people solve their pain points, the better the impression it will leave on your website’s visitors.

Educational or Awareness Videos

Uploading and posting content based on current viral or trending issues can be good. But what’s even better is that you upload and post short educational or awareness videos related to your business. Because it is your job to be an expert in your business field, and you can show that expertise through short educational or awareness videos. 

For example, you run an online pastries and cakes business, so baking should be second nature to you. The best way to show and share your expertise is by uploading short educational or awareness videos; they can be short videos on how to bake, tips or the steps you use when baking. This will help convince your target audience that you know what you are doing and that you have what it takes to fulfil their needs. 

This is because more and more people will depend on the Internet and social media to find out what they need to know about a business’s product or service quality, to see if the business is the expert that it claimed to be. 

Futuristic Mood for Graphic and Website Design

According to Envatotuts+, a generally futuristic graphic design mood is set to stir the year 2023. The trends for this futuristic mood graphic design include the elements such as the metaverse, distorted fonts, tech-inspired dark mode, and brash flashy colours that emulate cyberpunk vision.

Social Responsibility, Inclusivity and Accessibility

Social responsibility, inclusivity and accessibility have been on the rise. More and more people starting to care about what a company or a business stands for. Do the company or business support a certain social cause, do the company or business provide features that support the disabled community when navigating through their website?

If you haven’t yet, there’s still time for you to add accessibility features that help the disabled community to navigate through your website easier. This will show that your brand and company support, and care about social responsibility, inclusivity and accessibility. It will open up a whole new customer pool, thus increasing your customer base numbers.

Organic and Humanise Content

Optimising your website, social media and content for SEO are all good and well, but you also have to remember that your target audience is humans, not just the crawl bots and algorithms. 

During content creation, always bear in mind that the content you produce is to help you engage, build relationships and educate your audience not just to gain an increased online presence on search engines and social media. So don’t go stuffing keywords, hashtags or technical terms that are relevant to your business in your content and sound robotic. Instead, create content that when your audience reads or watches it, they can relate to it, and gain something of value for themselves. 

Digital Marketing Assistance

However, there are times when we will need another party’s assistance to help us with our business because either we lack the lack manpower and resources or we are not equipped with the right skill sets and knowledge; it is called marketing as a service (MaaS), where companies or agencies seek out other agencies or companies that have the expertise and skills that they are lacking.

So if you need digital marketing consultations and assistance, don’t be shy about sliding into our inquiry form or contacting us directly to help you with your business. Seo Solutions is a team dedicated to providing digital solutions for businesses.

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Step 2

Compiling & analyzing historical data

Step 3

Identifying gaps and opportunities

Step 4

Developing strategy proposal